Smart Loan Advisory Management

The advantages of alliances

The advantages of alliances able to enhance the brand awareness for both parties to meet the spending market needs, uphold the principle of mutual win-win in the consensus and reach the following agreement:

Neither party of co-workers is not under any party employment, nor any party agency, with no any employment responsibility.

In order to standardize the behaviour of business alliances, to protect their legitimate business interests according to relevant laws and regulations, based on voluntary, equality, fairness, honesty and faith. In accordance with national laws and policies, the both party equal consensus agree to sign this contract.

In this business alliance, the Party A to provide a business platform with mutual benefit and equips professional system model. Establishing the relationship of both party with mutual trust to subvention resources between party strength, enhance communication to reach mutual consensus of benefits thus to expand the boundary of accessing greater network for both parties. Ensure both party are leading towards the same direction in terms of specialization and standardization. Accelerating the management level of both parties to attain greater yield as well as be more competiveness in the markets.

Standardization of business platform
Without implementing standardized business platform will be not easy to dwell in bigger share of the market due to intense competitors in the markets. As each party has own individual platform and models, with own know-how and network before the business alliances. By using standardized business platform able to combine organizations, manpower, resources and business activities as a whole to transform capital, skills and technique, greater management systematically and height the sales towards the sky.

Integration of business model
Integration of any party business parts to complementary needs to accelerate competitiveness advantages. Products and services that we have as Credit card restructuring, Loan applications and mortgage refinancing, to aid the needs for each party. If one party short of Tele-marketer team, the said team will be provided to work with consultants in order to colour the sales and vice versa, with short of consultants. For scenario that insufficient of tele-marketing listing would be given when the necessary is there. Complementarity between the shortcomings and use each party own advantage.

Cost sharing of Software System Investment
A comprehensive software system needed in order to streamline the operations. Through the business alliances, cost of software system will be sharing more economically as a comprehensive software system requires huge cost of programming.