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Solutions on how to pay off your outstanding balance with better rates and at your preferred tenure.

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Restructure your oustanding and repayment with our easy payment scheme

Have you... OVERSPENT?

People often spend more when using credit card than using cash

Weighed Down by credit card Debts?

Credit card debts are easy to incur but can take a long time to settle

Being... Chased by credit card companies?

It can take a major part of your income to settle your monthly outstanding credit card debts. Most people make minimum payments or just slightly higher without realizing that this would lead them to paying more interest rather than reducing their outstanding debts

Still burdened by 18% p.a. interest rate?

Let us assist you in tailoring a monthly repayment schedule that suits you.

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Our solutions can help you restructure your outstanding debts into fixed monthly instalments at lower rates and with a tenure at your choice

Solutions for Repayment tenures of up to 8 years at a lower and fixed interest rate

at... A fixed and lower interest rate

This helps in reducing interest charges and gains your repayment portion on principle

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you will see a very significant saving

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FAQ - General

No. We utilise other existing programmes to provide solutions for you.
You do not have to worry if your name is listed in CCRIS , just make sure that the existing credit card is still active.
If you apply for personal loans from the Bank to settle the arrears on your credit card , you may incur processing fees. Our solutions do not attract any processing fees.
With our solutions, no guarantors or collateral will be required.
No documents required when utilising our solutions.
Banks typically require at least a week to process your Balance Transfer request

More Answers

Make an appointment with Our Consultants and let us enlighten you.
The credit card must still be ACTIVE
Credit cards must not have expired
With documents:
Original Identity Card
Original Credit Card
Latest original statement of your credit card
Reduce credit card debts by experiencing lower rates at the tenure you are comfortable
Fast processing (30 minutes)
Options for 12-60 months repayment period
No Processing Fees
Save interests charges
Reduce monthly repayment
Contact us to fix an appointment and we will show you how.
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