EPP - General

We call this Easy Payment Plan or in banking term called Outstanding Balance Installment. Example: You have a Maybank credit card outstanding balance , you do not need a credit card from another bank to make program Outstanding Balance Installment (OBI) ,you only have to pay the outstanding credit card at the same bank, but the rate of interest / finance charge is lower.
You do not have to worry if your name is listed in CCRIS , just make sure the existing credit card is still active and can be use
If you apply for personal loans from the Bank to settle the arrears on your credit card , you will be charged a processing fees. EPP do not have processing fees.
The banking agencies will not ask you to submit a bank guarantor or collateral as banks do
The bank agency will not ask you to submit any proof of your income ( eg salary slip) as banks do
Bank requires at least a week to process your Balance Transfer request

EPP - More Answers

Bank : 18 % per annum or 1.5% per month.
Example: Your credit card arrears of RM10,000 X 5 % (minimum) =500.00/ month (The minimum amount payable monthly to the bank)
OBI Program : 6 % p.a @ 0.5 % p.m. Example : If arrears Your credit card is RM10,000/36 months = RM277.77 minimum payment: RM277.77 X 5 % = RM13.88 per month or RM50 ( Any higher)
The credit card must still be ACTIVE
Credit cards must not expired
With documents:
Original Identity Card
Original Credit Cards
Latest original statement of your credit card
Reduce credit card debts
100 % guaranteed approval
Easy and fast processing (30 minutes)
No Processing Fees
Save interests charges
Reduce monthly repayment
As low as RM50.00 installment
Yes. This is a valid service within the governing laws of Malaysia. It is known as the EPP Easy Payment Plan. We have been serving this with more than a thousand agents and clients
Your credit card outstanding balance will be showing your monthly installment amount. ?How do I get this service now ?Contact us immediately. Make sure you take your latest credit card statements and your credit card

FAQ - Questions That Housing Loan Borrowers Should Know

In Housing Loan,75% - 95% of the monthly installment go to interest charges. Only less than 20 - 25% toward principal repayment. The principal portion increases after the loan tenure reaches half- way mark. By then, you would have paid large amount of interest charges!
Generally, borrowers would benefit in terms of lesser interest charged and shorter loan tenure. But you may not know precisely how much of the interest charges were reduced nor when will the loan expires. Whenever BLR increases, with the same monthly installment the loan tenure extends. A mere 0.25% p.a. increased in BLR may extend loan tenure by 6 months to 30 months, depending on remaining loan tenure.
Normally, lender will reduce the borrower's monthly installment. But the loan tenure may remain or be extended in some cases. Are you one of them? AceScube. has the solution to your "problem". The solution is by using a mathematical methodology to reduce loan tenure subject to terms and conditions.
Currently, BLR is on an uptrend. We believe BLR is going to increase in the near future. For those whose monthly installment remaining the same for the last 12 months, do not celebrate! Your loan tenure is definitely extended. Come to us for a viable solution. The risk is yours if you do not!
SP|50 provides 99% accuracy on the ledger with the objective to slash 50% off the mortgage loan interest and its tenure by 50% regardless of your current or future property loan. Ultimately, it protects you from the dramatic fluctuations of BLR with the help of the provided ledger. This is not refinancing, restructuring or similar services by lending institutions.
SmartPay Management Sdn Bhd has a group of professional consultants whom are able to provides 99% accuracy mortgage loan ledger with BLR management in Malaysia.
Without BLR management, any pre-payment done previously or in the future could be compounded to interest due BLR fluctuation, default rate, late or insufficient payment. (i.e. lump sum, extra pre-payment or monthly repayment.) Hence, improper BLR Management would result in loan tenure extension with an increase in interest.
By checking your current outstanding balance, you are rest assured of our service accuracy together with your mortgage maturity. The objective of SP Ledger is to avoid extra interest or tenure that is payable.
You can obtain advice from out Business Advisory Officer whereby they can assist you to understand your current loan situation.
Any other private companies that provide Mortgage Reduction may not guarantee accuracy due to BLR fluctuation and may result to an extension of your loan tenure and interest. BLR management on the other hand, guarantees the result despite BLR fluctuation.
Saving on tenure and interest payable is assured even with BLR fluctuation. SIM50 provides lowest pre-payment capability and marginal payment for marginal saving. Any extra amount is not advisable.
Never ending loan payment resulting in an extended period of repayment unlike what you have signed up for. This will involve paying more interest than what you are supposed to, thus, using up unnecessary cash for early settlement.
All rendered service comes with a legal document. You can be rest assured that what has been conveyed to you is guaranteed legally.